Bay Area United Against War was formed as a democratically organized (one person, one vote and majority rule) coalition of groups and individuals opposed to U.S. war and occupation of Iraq, Afghanistan or any where else. We organized to firmly oppose "pre-emptive" wars, the "War on Terror" and U.S. support and military aid to Israels' war on the Palestinian people. Also, to oppose the economic war against the American people. While our government spends billions on the military budget, and now, bankster bailouts and jails; jobs, healthcare, housing, and education are on the chopping block.

The Patriot Act has stripped us of our constitutional rights and the Homeland Security Act has brought more law enforcement to monitor all opposition.

Our coalition was formed December 14th, 2002. We initiated the giant February 16th massive march and rally in San Francisco that brought together four major coalitions, Bay Area United Against War, Not In Our Name, International A.N.S.W.E.R. and United for Peace and Justice.

We no longer function as a group, however this newsletter goes out regularly to over 380 people and groups in the Bay Area.

If you would like a message posted to the newsletter or would like to be on the newsletter email list, please email: bonnieweinstein@yahoo.com

(If you would like a message posted please send it in plain text to the same email address.)