Friday, September 29, 2006


To endorse the An Open Letter to the 84 Celebrities: No to Israeli
Terror and Hollywood Hypocrisy Petition to The 84 Celebrity
Signatories of the August 16 Advertisement in the Los Angeles Times
go to:





Paid advertising in the mass media is prohibitive. Only those with millions
of dollars to spend for advertising are allowed a public voice.
Right here in San Francisco the fees for permits have skyrocketed
and the permit process is long and complicated. The permit
application for DPT is 17 pages long and full of rules and regulations
that must be followed. And both the City and County and the ACLU
have agreed that while we have the right to free speech, the City and
County does, indeed, have the right to say when and where we may
or may not exercise it.


IS GUARANTEED! We must be able to post public events,
and hold public events where the people are. The San Francisco
Police Department routinely protects the rights of the Zionists
when they want to hold counter-demonstrations to our
Antiwar actions. They also protect the "Right to Lifers" when
they want to march down San Francisco's Embarcadero--HERE
The San Francisco Police Department goes all out to
accommodate them! WHY NOT US!

RESCHEDULED: ANSWER Postering Case Hearing
We are appealing for your support as our free speech lawsuit
against the San Francisco Department of Public Works (DPW)
reaches a critical stage. As you may be aware from articles that
have recently appeared in the Bay Guardian, the SF Weekly and
elsewhere, the DPW is attempting to impose fines that now total
more than $45,000 against the local ANSWER Coalition for
postering violations.

We just received word that the hearing for the ANSWER postering
case has been put off for 2 weeks. The new date of the hearing is
Thurs. Sept. 28, 9:30am at Superior Court, 400 McAllister St. (corner
Polk St., SF), 3rd Floor, Dept. 302. If you can, please join us at the
hearing two weeks from today to show your support.

UPDATE: The judge in the case has taken both arguments
into consideration and will render his verdict shortly.

If you would like to read a copy of attorney Ben Rosenfeld’s reply
to the city's response to our lawsuit, which summarizes the main
points of our position, please contact us at 415-821-6545 or



Dear Health Care Activist,

Parents care most about keeping their teenagers safe.
That means always safe, even if they feel they can’t talk
to their parents about an unplanned pregnancy.

Parental notification laws cause young women to delay
seeking medical care.

When desperate teenagers turn to back-alley abortions
many will suffer serious injuries and some will die.

You are invited to our Saturday, September 30 health care meeting
on "Why Proposition 85 is bad for our health." The 3pm meeting
will be 4760 Mission in San Francisco, between Ocean and Geneva
at Russia. It is 5 blocks from the Balboa BART station.
Proposition is 85 is a re-run of the 2004 ballot initiative,
Proposition 73.

Groups in opposition to prop 85 include:
The California Federation of Labor, The California Medical
Association, The California Academy of Family Physicians,
The California Nurses Association, American Academy
of Pediatrics-California District, The Adolescent Health
Collaborative, Health Care of All, The League of Women
Voters, and Planned Parenthood. The State AFL-CIO at its
July convention voted to oppose this attack on reproductive rights.
Don Bechler
Chair - California Universal Health Care Organizing Project
Chair - Health Care for All - San Francisco chapter


Brian Ashley will report
on the new stage
of the struggle
for liberation in South Africa

October 1, 2006
2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Refreshments @ 2:00 PM
Brian to speak @ 3:00 PM
Q & A to follow

Hosted By Alice & Frank Fried
742 Palmera Court
Alameda, CA 94501

About Brian Ashley:

Brian Ashley has been an activist in the South African liberation
struggle having gone into exile in Zimbabwe in 1984. He is the
founder and director of the Alternative Information and
Development Centre, AIDC, a radical advocacy NGO mobilising
against neoliberal globalisation and its impact in South Africa
and Southern Africa. He helped form the Jubilee 2000 anti-
debt movement in South Africa and the global Jubilee South
movement that fights against debt domination by the International
Financial Institutions and the G8 countries. He is active in the
World Social Forum representing AIDC on the WSF International
Council and the African Social Forum Council. He is also a leading
member of the Palestinian Solidarity Committee. Apart from being
active in a number of social movements in SA he is a board member
of the Congress of South African Trade Unions, COSATU led Working
Partnerships Research and Education Agency.

A collection will be taken to support South African Solidarity Work

Frank Fried


September 27, 2006
For information and interviews, contact:
Reiko Redmonde, 510-384-1816

Nationwide Protests to Drive Out the Bush Regime-
No Work, No School-- MARCH
San Francisco Info:
12 NOON CONVERGENCE at Justin Herman Plaza
1pm MARCH on Market Street
4pm Main RALLY and People’s Tribunal Indicting the Regime
7pm Into the Night with Camp "WAKE THE FOLK UP!"
Broadcasting 24+ hours from Justin Herman Plaza
9am (Friday October 6): Morning Rally and press conference

On Thursday, October 5, people will walk out of school,
take off work, gather in town squares, and MARCH in cities
across the country, declaring their intention bring the Bush
regime to a halt. In the last week, momentum is growing
as the number of cities planning protests jumped from
50 to over 80. Meanwhile, the Bush administration
is racing to bolt into place an unprecedented new law
which would legalize torture and eliminate habeas
corpus, a basic right to legal redress first established
in England in 1215.

"Face it. The Bush regime is remaking the world, very
quickly, in a fascist way and for generations to come.
Denial won't help. And the Democrats aren't stopping
them. But WE must. And we can. There are millions of us…"
This message calling people out on October 5 from singer
Michelle Phillips (Mamas and Papas) is being heard nationally
on Air America radio spots. Thousands also contributed
to publish a full-page ad in USA Today on September 20,
reading in part: "Endless wars. Torture. Katrina. Theocracy…
This regime does not represent us and we will drive it out."

In the past week, organizers of October 5 marches have
had to battle with police departments for permits to march
through the center of the city in Chicago, New York City
and San Francisco. They see these obstructions linked
to increased police state measures as Bush threatens
a new war on Iran and the "Military Commissions Act of 2006"
races through the Senate with bi-partisan support. Sold as
a compromise, the "torture bill" allows the president
to name anyone an "enemy combatant"-- indefinitely
removing them from reach of legal counsel.

Debra Sweet, national coordinator of World Can’t Wait
said Tuesday, "We are at a defining moment for this country
and its people. There are millions who don’t want to live
in a theocratic new Rome – but we don’t have unlimited
time to stop this regime. What WE do – or fail to do – right
now will impact the lives of millions all over the world for
generations. We are putting this to everyone: When all
other avenues of change are blocked, what do people
do? Hit the streets. This is the chance we have on October 5."

The World Can’t Wait – Drive Out the Bush Regime CALL
has been signed by tens of thousands of people, including

Check for locations for October 5 protests.
Interviews available with selected signers


Urgent call from October 22 Coalition against Police Brutality, SF
October 22 Coalition against Police Brutality, Repression
and Criinalization of a generation
National Day of Protest, March and Rally in SF, Planning
mesha Monge-Irizarry
Idriss Stelley Foundation
(415) 595-8251 24HR Bilingual Spa. Crisis line
iolmisha@cs. com
How: Already involved are : October 22 Bay Area, Idriss
Stelley Foundation, SF CEDP (Campaign to End the Death
Penalty, ISO (International Socialist Organization, Bay Area),
Bay Area Families of Victims and Survivors of Police brutality,
Code Pink
GET INVOLVED: To join our mailing list, please write to:


U.S. Out of Iraq Now! We Are the Majority!
End Colonial Occupation from Iraq,
to Palestine, Haiti, and Everywhere!
October 28, 2006, 12 Noon, U.N. Plaza, S.F.
Part of the Locally Coordinated Anti-War Protests from Coast to Coast
Vote With Your Feet … and Your Voices, and Banners, and Signs!
Let Every Politician Feel the Power of the People!


End Canada's Occupation of Afghanistan!
Call for action on October 28, 2006

This call for a pan-Canadian day of action, co-signed by the
Canadian Peace Alliance, the Canadian Islamic Congress, the
Canadian Labour Congress and the Montreal coalition Echec
a la Guerre, is being distributed and discussed at the World Peace
Forum now taking place in Vancouver. -SV The Collectif Échec
à la guerre, Canadian Peace Alliance, the Canadian Labour Congress,
and the Canadian Islamic Congress are jointly calling for a pan-
Canadian day of protest this October 28th, 2006, to bring Canadian
troops home from Afghanistan.

On that day, people all across the country will unite to tell
Stephen Harper that we are opposed to
his wholehearted support for Canadian and U.S. militarism.
This October marks the fifth anniversary of the invasion and
occupation of Afghanistan, and the people of that country are
still suffering from the ravages of war. Reconstruction in the
country is at a standstill and the needs of the Afghan people
are not being met. The rule of the new Afghan State, made
up largely of drug running warlords, will not realize the
democratic aspirations of the people there. In fact, according
to Human Rights Watch reports, the human rights record
of those warlords in recent years has not been better than
the Taliban.

We are told that the purpose of this war is to root out terrorism
and protect our societies, yet the heavy-handed approach of
a military occupation trying to impose a US-friendly
government on the Afghan people will force more Afghans
to become part of the resistance movement. It will also
make our societies more -- not less -- likely to see terrorist

No discussion on military tactics in the House of Commons
will change that reality. Indeed, violence is increasing with
more attacks on both coalition troops and on Afghan civilians.
While individual Canadian soldiers may have gone to Afghanistan
with the best of intentions, they are operating under the
auspices of a US-led state building project that cares little
or the needs of the Afghan people. US and Canadian interests
rest with the massive $3.2 billion Trans Afghan Pipeline (TAP)
project, which will bring oil from the Caspian region through
southern Afghanistan (where Canada is stationed) and onto the
ports of Pakistan.

It has been no secret that the TAP has dominated US foreign
policy towards Afghanistan for the last decade. Now Canadian
oil and gas corporations have their own interests in the TAP.
Over the last decade, the role of the Canadian Armed Forces
abroad has changed, and Canadian foreign policy has become
a replica of the US empire-building rhetoric. The end result
of this process is now plain to see with the role of our troops
in Southern Afghanistan, with the enormous budget increases
for war expenditures and "security," with the Bush-style speeches
of Stephen Harper, and with the fear campaigns around
"homegrown terrorism" to foster support for those nefarious

It is this very course that will get young Canadian soldiers killed,
that will endanger our society and consume more and more
of its resources for destruction and death in Afghanistan.
We demand a freeze in defense and security budgets until
an in-depth public discussion is held on those issues across
Canada. The mission in Afghanistan has already cost Canadians
more than $4 billion. That money could have been used to fund
human needs in Canada or abroad. Instead it is being used
to kill civilians in Afghanistan and advance the interests
of corporations.

On October 28th, stand up and be counted.
Canadian Troops Out of Afghanistan Now!


San Francisco Board of Education Meeting
Tuesday, November 14th, 7PM
555 Franklin Street, 1st Floor
San Francisco, CA 94102
The Board will vote on a resolution to phase out JROTC.

Harvest Time
By Bonnie Weinstein

Congress is postponing decisions about immigrant rights legislation
until after the elections. They say they don't want to antagonize
the Latino community before elections. But there is another reason.
It's harvest time! They need thousands of immigrant workers
to harvest the nations crops. They are not worried about antagonizing
Latino's-it's America's agribusiness they don't want to upset. Clearly
they don't want to deport all immigrants, they just want to be able
to terrorize them into submission.

What many American-born workers don't realize is that this threat
will be extended to them as well-not deportation, of course-but
the threat of being out of a job if they stand up for their rights.

What are the common dangers that we face? At the stroke of
a bosses pen we can be fired and find ourselves without a livelihood.
Throughout America factories are being closed down and re-built
in countries that force workers to live as slaves while a bonanza
of U.S, tax-free, corporate profits flows freely across all borders
and into the bosses' pockets.

An even more sinister danger is the lure of U.S. Military service.
All of our children and especially the children of undocumented
workers are in danger of being used as cannon fodder to maintain
the power and wealth of America's corporations. The Military
is entrenched in our public schools. They don't go to the schools
of the wealthy. To the children of immigrants they promise
citizenship and to the children of poor, American workers they
promise college and a career. But it does no good to become
a citizen after you are dead and it's hard to have a career with
half of your brain or body missing in action!

On Tuesday, November 14th at 7:00 P.M., the San Francisco Board
of Education will vote on whether to phase out the Junior Reserve
Officers Training Corps-a military recruitment program for the
High Schools. We must be there in force to see that they do
so immediately, and that they rid the schools of all military
recruiters! It is up to us so please come! That's Tuesday,
November 14, 7:00 P.M., at 555 Franklin Street, First Floor.
You can call the day before and the day of the meeting
to get on the speakers list: 415-241-6427.


Close the SOA and Change Oppressive U.S. Foreign Policy
Nov. 17-19, 2006 - Converge on Fort Benning, Georgia

People's Movements across the Americas are becoming increasingly more
powerful. Military "solutions" to social problems as supported by
institutions like the School of the Americas were unable to squash their
voices, and the call for justice and accountability is getting louder each

Add your voice to the chorus, demand justice for all the people of the
Americas and engage in nonviolent direct action to close the SOA and
change oppressive U.S. foreign policy.

With former SOA graduates being unmasked in Chile, Argentina, Colombia,
Paraguay, Honduras, and Peru for their crimes against humanity, and with
the blatant similarities between the interrogation methods and torture
methods used at Abu Ghraib and those described in human rights abuse cases
in Latin America, the SOA/WHINSEC must be held accountable!

Visit to learn more about the November Vigil, hotel
and travel information, the November Organizing Packet, and more.


Shop for a Donation at Al-Awda!

Interested in furthering your knowledge about Palestine
and its people?

Want to help make the Palestinian Right to Return a reality?

Looking for ways to show your support for Palestine and
Palestinian refugees?

Why not shop for a donation at Al-Awda
and help support a great organization and cause!!

Al-Awda offers a variety of educational materials including interesting
and unique books on everything from oral histories, photo books
on Palestinian refugees, to autobiographies, narratives, political
analysis, and culture. We also have historical maps of Palestine
(in Arabic and English), educational films, flags of various sizes,
and colorful greeting cards created by Palestinian children.

You can also show your support for a Free Palestine, and wear with
pride, great looking T-shirts, pendants, and a variety of Palestine pins.

Shop for a Donation at Al-Awda!

Visit for these great items, and more!

The Educational Supplies Division
Al-Awda, The Palestine Right to Return Coalition
PO Box 131352
Carlsbad, CA 92013, USA
Tel: 760-685-3243
Fax: 360-933-3568

Al-Awda, The Palestine Right to Return Coalition (PRRC), is a broad-
based, non-partisan, democratic, and charitable organization of
grassroots activists and students committed to comprehensive public
education about the rights of all Palestinian refugees to return to their
homes and lands of origin, and to full restitution for all their confiscated
and destroyed property in accordance with the Universal Declaration
of Human Rights, International law and the numerous United Nations
Resolutions upholding such rights (see FactSheet). Al-Awda, PRRC
is a not for profit tax-exempt educational and charitable 501(c)(3)
organization as defined by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) of the
United States of America. Under IRS guidelines, your donations
to Al-Awda, PRRC are tax-deductible.


I demand an immediate apology from Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez...
The Rev. Obed Juan Vizcaino Najera (Maracaibo) intercedes:

Dear world media editors:
A few days ago, I was shocked at what I consider to be a monumental
offense against the vast work that I have been carrying out for thousands
and thousands of years throughout mankind's history.

I know that I am no gold nugget but to compare me to someone
as evil as Mr. Bush, aka Mr. Danger, is an unfair and disproportionate
offense that I cannot allow to pass.

Only I know and understand how I felt when I heard that extremely offensive
comment about me coming out of President Chavez's mouth before
the General Assembly at the United Nations.

I don't deserve such an insult!

This is why I now come before the nations of the world to let it be known
that I want nothing to do with that ultra-dark and hyper-diabolical Mr. Bush.
I m not a friend of the current pResident of the United States, even though
(unfortunately) we are blood relatives.

I broke up all diplomatic relations with Mr. Bush and recalled my Ambassador
when he attempted to steal the sulfur mines in hell and threatened to invade
and bomb us to kingdom come should we fail to heed his ominous threats.
I categorically reject any alliance or friendship with the likes of Mr. George
W. Bush. God have mercy on me!!! Just the thought of such an alliance fills
me with dread and makes me shudder.

Therefore, I demand an apology from President Hugo Chavez.

I demand that the United Nations allow me the opportunity to reply and
clarify that it wasn't me who stood at the podium under the appearance
of George W. Bush.

I want to make it absolutely clear that I am highly offended that President
Chavez could confuse my scent with that pestilent odor of war, death and
destruction that emanates from this dark entity known in your dimension
as George W. Bush - a fiend from the deepest, darkest, and most dismal
abyss in the entire Universe.

I implore that the Secretary General of the United Nations call upon President
Chavez to retract his words before the nations of the world. I am highly
offended that President Chavez has dared to compare me to this most
hideous ghoul: George W. Bush.

Lucifer Satan

A communication delivered by:
The Rev. Obed Juan Vizcaino Najera
Published: Friday, September 22, 2006
Bylined to: The Rev. Obed Juan Vizcaino Najera


Before You Enlist
Excellent flash film that should be shown to all students. com/watch? v=ZFsaGv6cefw



In an interview in March 1995 entitled, "Jesse Helms: Setting the
Record Straight" that appeared in the Middle East Quarterly, Helms
said, "I have long believed that if the United States is going to give
money to Israel, it should be paid out of the Department of Defense
budget. My question is this: If Israel did not exist, what would
U.S. defense costs in the Middle East be? Israel is at least the
equivalent of a U.S. aircraft carrier in the Middle East. Without
Israel promoting its and America's common interests, we would
be badly off indeed."
(Jesse Helms was the senior senator from North Carolina and the
chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee at the time.)


Unspeakably grotesque, This spread was so galling I felt a primal
scream rising inside me. And it was not because I am a woman.
The link is
http://www.voguevan 060hvg/default. asp
The wounds of "western civilization" inflict themselves over
and over...unapologetic , shameless...ditto BW


Stand in solidarity with all immigrants, documented and undocumented

The IAC urges you to support the case of Elvira Arellano. Elvira is
an undocumented worker who is taking a heroic stand against
deportations and fighting for her rights. She is a native of Michoacán,
Mexico who came to the U.S. like many of the other 12 million
undocumented in this country, in search of work and a better life.

In 2002, Elvira was detained by Homeland Security agents in an
Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) sweep at O’Hare Airport
in Chicago under the guise of allegedly looking for “terrorists”. She
was detained by the Department of Homeland Security for using
a false social security number on her job at O’Hare.

On August 18, 2006 Elvira Arellano and her seven year old son,
Saul who is a US citizen, took sanctuary in Adalberto United Methodist
Church in Chicago instead of reporting for deportation, primarily
because Saul has health problems. She has pledged to live indefinitely
in the church until granted a reprieve.

Elvira is a well known activist, representing many families in
Congressional hearings and speaking on behalf of immigrant rights.
She worked to organize in July 2005 a march of 50,000 for immigrant
rights in Chicago, and went on a hunger strike to support workers who
were picked up by ICE prior to the historic May 1st boycott in 2006.
Arellano was a founder of both La Familia Latina Unida and the
Coalition of African Arab Asian European and Latino Immigrants
of Illinois (CAAAELII).

The case of Elvira Arellano is a just case

Elvira Arellano has become the symbol of resistance to the heartless
and callous deportations that are sweeping the country. Despite
a legislative standstill in Congress, not only are deportations
escalating, local officials around the nation are implementing
de facto immigration policy that amount to a witch-hunt against
immigrants. A case in point is the anti-immigrant ordinance that
passed in July in Hazelton, PA.

Due to her heroic stand, a group of Black ministers spoke last
week at Adalberto Methodist of the comparisons of Arellano
to Rosa Parks. Reverend Albert Tyson said he hopes “their
support would increase the bonds between Latinos and African-
Americans.” At the meeting Arellano said, “I don’t only speak
for me and my son, but for millions of families like mine.”
Supporters from the predominantly Puerto Rican neighborhood
chanted, “Luchando mano y mano, Boriqua y Mexicano!”
(“Fighting hand in hand, Puerto Rican and Mexican!”)

Elvira Arellano is the perfect example that the anti-immigrant
hysteria sweeping the country is an inhumane situation that
has become intolerable. The human rights of immigrants are
being cruelly violated under the guise of fighting terrorism
or stopping “illegal” immigration. In fact, no human being
is illegal and whether in the U.S. documented or undocumented,
immigrants have a right to live in peace, without fear of evictions
from their homes or the country.

How you can help Elvira:

1. Write letters to Illinois Senators Richard Durbin and Barack
Obama as well as your own legislator urging them to prevent
her deportation.

For Senator Durbin visit:
For Senator Obama:

2. Send Letters to the Chicago Sun Times and the Chicago Tribune
asking them to stop demonizing Elvira as well as all immigrants.
Their emails are and

3. Send letters of support directly to Elvira at the organization she works
with and who has been spearheading her support, Sin Fronteras
at Centro Sin Fronteras 2300 S. Blue Island Ave., Chicago IL 60608
or visit the website: .
For Spanish speakers visit:



These pdf files can be found on Michael Schiffmann's web site at:

The first brief is from the National Lawyers Guild.
The second brief is from the NAACP Legal Defense
and Educational Fund, Inc.

Howard Keylor
For the Labor Action Committee to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal


I urge everyone to get a copy of "Sir! No Sir!" at:
It is an extremely informative and powerful film
of utmost importance today. I was a participant
in the anti-Vietnam war movement. What a
powerful thing it was to see troops in uniform
leading the march against the war! If you would
like to read more here are two very good

Out Now!: A Participant's Account of the Movement
in the United States Against the Vietnam War
by Fred Halstead (Hardcover - Jun 1978)


GIs speak out against the war;: The case of the
Ft. Jackson 8; by Fred Halstead (Unknown Binding - 1970).

Both available at:,-proj-total-margin&field-author=Fred%20Halstead

In solidarity,

Bonnie Weinstein


Endorse the following petition:
Don't Let Idaho Kill Endangered Wolves
Target: Fish and Wildlife Service
Sponsor: Defenders of Wildlife<l=1155834550


SUPPORT "TAKING AIM" produced by Ralph Schoenman and
Mya Shone.


To contact KPFA PROGRAM COUNCIL email:

KPFA's Tracy Rosenberg voted to air "Taking Aim" and we
commend her for it.

You can thank her by writing her at:

In solidarity,
Bonnie Weinstein

Here's my letter to the KPFA Program Council::


Re: "Taking Aim"

Dear Council Members,

We are very disappointed that KPFA decided not to air the extremely
important show, "Taking Aim" produced by Ralph Schoenman and
Mya Shone.

Of course, we are also disappointed by your reluctance
to air a PSA for a rally to defend death row inmate, renowned
commentator, leader and writer, Mumia Abu-Jamal, because the
group that sponsored the rally was not a 501c3, non-profit,

I am happy to say that I did hear it announced in the Community
Calendar during Denis Bernstein's "Flashpoints," Thursday evening,
9/14, the day before the rally. But I'm sorry to say that I did not
hear the PSA.

God only knows, the downtrodden need a public voice more
than ever.

Organizers are not even allowed to post up posters and
announcements anymore in San Francisco. A.N.S.W.E.R. is currently
in a battle over the right to practice this centuries-old custom of
"posting up" for meetings, marches and rallies--historically one
of the only venues of mass communication freely available to the poor.

"Taking Aim" is a program that express that public voice.

KPFA is also supposed to express that public voice.

Now is not the time to silence it!

Please reconsider your decision not to air "Taking Aim." And end
the prohibition against airing the PSAs of non-501c3 groups and
organizations--after all, aren't they the grass roots of the matter?


Bonnie Weinstein,


Stop funding Israel's war against Palestine
Complete the form at the website listed below with your information.
Personalize the message text on the right with
your own words, if you wish.
Click the Next Step button to send your letter
to these decision makers:
President George W. Bush
Vice President Richard 'Dick' B. Cheney
Your Senators
Your Representative
Go here to register your outrage:


Idriss Stelley Foundation is in critical financial crisis, please help !
ISF is in critical financial crisis, and might be forced to close
its doors in a couple of months due to lack of funds to cover
DSL, SBC and utilities, which is a disaster for our numerous
clients, since the are the only CBO providing direct services
to Victims (as well as extended failies) of police misconduct
for the whole city of SF. Any donation, big or small will help
us stay alive until we obtain our 501-c3 nonprofit Federal
Status! Checks can me made out to
ISF, ( 4921 3rd St , SF CA 94124 ). Please consider to volunteer
or apply for internship to help covering our 24HR Crisis line,
provide one on one couseling and co facilitate our support
groups, M.C a show on SF Village Voice, insure a 2hr block
of time at ISF, moderate one of our 26 websites for ISF clients !
Report Police Brutality
24HR Bilingual hotline
(415) 595-8251


Appeal for funds:
Dahr Jamail's Iraq Dispatches
Visit the Dahr Jamail Iraq website
Request for Support
Dahr Jamail will soon return to the Middle East to continue his
independent reporting. As usual, reporting independently is a costly
enterprise; for example, an average hotel room is $50, a fixer runs $50
per day, and phone/food average $25 per day. Dahr will report from the
Middle East for one month, and thus needs to raise $5,750 in order to
cover his plane ticket and daily operating expenses.
A rare opportunity has arisen for Dahr to cover several stories
regarding the occupation of Iraq, as well as U.S. policy in the region,
which have been entirely absent from mainstream media.
With the need for independent, unfiltered information greater than ever,
your financial support is deeply appreciated. Without donations from
readers, ongoing independent reports from Dahr are simply not possible.
All donations go directly towards covering Dahr's on the ground
operating expenses.
(c)2006 Dahr Jamail.


New Flash Film
From Young Ava Over At 'Peace Takes Courage'


Save the Lebanese Civilians Petition
To The Concerned Citizen of The World:


Legal update on Mumia Abu-Jamal’s case
Excerpts from a letter written by Robert R. Bryan, the lead attorney
for death row political prisoner, Mumia Abu-Jamal.
...On July 20, 2006, we filed the Brief of Appellee and Cross
Appellant, Mumia Abu-Jamal, in the U.S. Court of Appeals
for the Third Circuit, Philadelphia.


Today in Palestine!
For up to date information on Israeli's brutal attack on
human rights and freedom in Palestine and Lebanon go to:


For a great car magnet--a black ribbon with the words, "Bring
the troops home now!" written in red, and it also comes in a
lapel pin!--go to:
(Put out by A.N.S.W.E.R.)


Essential reading for understanding the development of Zionism
and Israel in the service of British and USA imperialism.
The full text of the book can be found for free at:


For those of you who don't know who Lynne Stewart is, go to and get acquainted with Lynne and her
cause. Lynne is a criminal defense attorney who is being persecuted
for representing people charged with heinous crimes. It is a bedrock
of our legal system that every criminal defendant has a right to a
lawyer. Persecuting Lynne is an attempt to terrorize and intimidate
all criminal defense attorneys in this country so they will stop
representing unpopular people. If this happens, the fascist takeover
of this nation will be complete. We urge you all to go the website,
familiarize yourselves with Lynne and her battle for justice


Comité Nacional por la Libertad de los Cinco Cubanos
Who are the Cuban Five?
The Cuban Five are five Cuban men who are in U.S. prison, serving
four life sentences and 75 years collectively, after being wrongly
convicted in U.S. federal court in Miami, on June 8, 2001.
They are Gerardo Hernández, Ramón Labañino, Antonio Guerrero,
Fernando González and René González.
The Five were falsely accused by the U.S. government of committing
espionage conspiracy against the United States, and other related
But the Five pointed out vigorously in their defense that they were
involved in monitoring the actions of Miami-based terrorist groups,
in order to prevent terrorist attacks on their country of Cuba.
The Five’s actions were never directed at the U.S. government.
They never harmed anyone nor ever possessed nor used any
weapons while in the United States.
The Cuban Five’s mission was to stop terrorism
For more than 40 years, anti-Cuba terrorist organizations based
in Miami have engaged in countless terrorist activities against
Cuba, and against anyone who advocates a normalization
of relations between the U.S. and Cuba. More than 3,000 Cubans
have died as a result of these terrorists’ attacks.

Gerardo Hernández, 2 Life Sentences
Antonio Guerrero, Life Sentence
Ramon Labañino, Life Sentence
Fernando González, 19 Years
René González, 15 Years

Free The Cuban Five Held Unjustly In The U.S.!


Eyewitness Account from Oaxaca
A website is now being circulated that has up-to-date info
and video that can be downloaded of the police action and
developments in Oaxaca. For those who have not seen it
elsewhere, the website is:




Iraq Body Count
For current totals, see our database page.


The Cost of War
[Over three-hundred-billion so]


"The Democrats always promise to help workers, and the don't!
The Republicans always promise to help business, and the do!"
- Mort Sahl

"It's better to die on your feet than to live on your knees."
- Emilano Zapata

Join the Campaign to
Shut Down the Guantanamo Torture Center
Go to:
to send a letter to Congress and the White House:
Shut Down Guantanamo and all torture centers and prisons.
A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition
Act Now to Stop War & End Racism
2489 Mission St. Rm. 24
San Francisco: 415-821-6545


Great Counter-Recruitment Website



Last summer the U.S. Border Patrol arrested Shanti Sellz and
Daniel Strauss, both 23-year-old volunteers assisting immigrants
on the border, for medically evacuating 3 people in critical
condition from the Arizona desert.

Criminalization for aiding undocumented immigrants already
exists on the books in the state of Arizona. Daniel and Shanti
are targeted to be its first victims. Their arrest and subsequent
prosecution for providing humanitarian aid could result in
a 15-year prison sentence. Any Congressional compromise
with the Sensenbrenner bill (HR 4437) may include these
harmful criminalization provisions. Fight back NOW!

Help stop the criminalization of undocumented immigrants
and those who support them!

For more information call 415-821- 9683.
For information on the Daniel and Shanti Defense Campaign,


According to "Minimum Wage History" at "

"Calculated in real 2005 dollars, the 1968 minimum wage was the
highest at $9.12. "The 8 dollar per hour Whole Foods employees
are being paid $1.12 less than the 1968 minimum wage.

"A federal minimum wage was first set in 1938. The graph shows
both nominal (red) and real (blue) minimum wage values. Nominal
values range from 25 cents per hour in 1938 to the current $5.15/hr.
The greatest percentage jump in the minimum wage was in 1950,
when it nearly doubled. The graph adjusts these wages to 2005
dollars (blue line) to show the real value of the minimum wage.
Calculated in real 2005 dollars, the 1968 minimum wage was the
highest at $9.12. Note how the real dollar minimum wage rises and
falls. This is because it gets periodically adjusted by Congress.
The period 1997-2006, is the longest period during which the
minimum wage has not been adjusted. States have departed from
the federal minimum wage. Washington has the highest minimum
wage in the country at $7.63 as of January 1, 2006. Oregon is next
at $7.50. Cities, too, have set minimum wages. Santa Fe, New
Mexico has a minimum wage of $9.50, which is more than double
the state minimum wage at $4.35."




Public Law print of PL 107-110, the No Child Left Behind
Act of 2001 [1.8 MB]
Also, the law is up before Congress again in 2007.
See this article from USA Today:
Bipartisan panel to study No Child Left Behind
By Greg Toppo, USA TODAY
February 13, 2006


The Declaration of Independence of the Thirteen Colonies


Bill of Rights


1) A Broken, De-Humanized Military in Iraq
By Dahr Jamail
t r u t h o u t | Perspective
Tuesday 26 September 2006

2) Open Letter to Nancy Pelosi
by Bonnie Weinstein
Pelosi's Letter to Weinstein Regarding H. Res 921
Pelosi's Israel Support Statement

3) U.S. Sends Warships to Persian Gulf
Via NY Transfer News Collective
All the News that Doesn't Fit
Radio Havana Cuba

4) Rushing Off a Cliff
New York Times Editorial
September 28, 2006

5) 2 at Sago Mine on Day of Blast Commit Suicide

6) Research shows who dies when and where
Our nation divided into 'eight Americas'
By William J. Cromie
Harvard News Office

7) UN says Gaza crisis 'intolerable'
Standards of human rights in the Palestinian territories have
fallen to intolerable new levels, says a UN expert
on the Mid-East conflict.
September 26, 2006

8) Senate, 100-0, Backs Budget for Pentagon
Filed at 5:14 p.m. ET
September 29, 2006


1) A Broken, De-Humanized Military in Iraq
By Dahr Jamail
t r u t h o u t | Perspective
Tuesday 26 September 2006

While the deranged chicken-hawks who "lead" the US continue their
efforts to wage another unprovoked war of aggression, this time against
Iran, what's left of their already overstretched military continues to
be bled in Iraq.

When the situation is so critical that even the corporate media is
forced to report on it, you know it's bad. Last week on the NBC Nightly
News, General Barry McCaffrey, now retired, said of the current state of
the US military, "I think, arguably, it's the worst readiness condition
the US Army has faced since the end of Vietnam." This isn't a big
surprise when we consider the facts that many soldiers are already into
their third combat tour, frequent deployments have cut training time at
home in half, and two thirds of all Army combat units are rated not
ready for combat.

The fact that 60% of National Guard soldiers have already reached their
limit for overseas combat is most likely not going to slow down the
Cheney administration's lust for more war. Most likely, they'll just
have Rummy change the Pentagon's policy that currently limits Guard
combat tours to two out of every five years.

This change was apparently already expected by Lieutenant General Steven
Blum, of the National Guard, who told NBC, "If you think the National
Guard's busy today, I think we're going to look back and say 'these were
the good old days' in about three years." A comment to which General
McCaffrey responded: "More is being asked of them, particularly the
National Guard and reserve components, than they signed up to do. And in
the near-term, we think it's going to unravel."

That "near-term" seemed to be about 72 hours away from McCaffrey's
comments. On Monday, the Army announced that because it is stretched so
thin by the occupation of Iraq, it is once again extending the combat
tours of thousands of soldiers beyond their promised 12-month tours.
It's the second time since August (i.e., last month) that this has
occurred. The 1st Brigade Armored Division, which is having its tour
extended, just happens to be located in the province of Al-Anbar, which
the military has long since lost control of. Between 3,500 and 4,000
soldiers are affected by this decision.

The move prompted defense analyst Loren Thompson to tell reporters: "The
Army is coming to the end of its rope in Iraq. It simply does not have
enough active-duty military personnel to sustain the current level of

There are currently over 142,000 US soldiers in Iraq. Just last week
General John Abizaid, the top US commander in the region, said the
military is likely to maintain and possibly even increase its force
level in Iraq through next spring.

What does this look like for US troops on the ground in Iraq? Here is an
email I received just last week from a mother whose son is serving in
the US military in Ramadi:

"My son cannot bear what he is forced to do, and has probably through
sheer terror, confusion, and split-second decisions, killed innocent
civilians. He is well aware of this, and I have witnessed the
consequences first hand. He probably carries innocent blood on his
hands. The killing of innocent people is virtually unavoidable. He is in
Al-Anbar region. You are the ONLY person in the media who has responded
to my emails. The other emails I sent to news organizations questioning
why so little news out of Al-Anbar were unanswered. I believe that it is
because the US has lost that region, and is suppressing that news to the
American public. My son called me last week from Ramadi and said the war
is lost - they are just going thru the motions, again, forced to carry
out orders and risk their lives for an unobtainable and unjust goal. I
continue to read your web site, as well as others, while I pray for my
son's safe homecoming in spring."

Her anguish, the description of her son's mental state, and her son's
report of the conditions in Ramadi, tragic as they are, come as no
surprise. At the time of this writing, over 2,703 US soldiers have been
killed in Iraq, and over ten times that number wounded. This month, over
61 American soldiers have been killed in Iraq. With an average of over
2.5 killed daily this month, at the time of this writing it's already
the third bloodiest month this year in Iraq for occupation forces.

Another report released last weekend from the Veterans Health
Administration found that over one third of Iraq and Afghanistan
veterans seeking medical treatment are reporting symptoms of stress or
other metal disorders. This is a tenfold increase in the last 18 months
alone. The dramatic jump in cases is attributed to the fact that more
troops are facing multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This is of course complicated by the fact that veterans' groups claim
that the VA is not able to meet the growing demand for services.
Already, veterans have had to deal with long waits for doctor
appointments (oftentimes over six months), staffing shortages, and lack
of equipment at medical centers run by the VA.

The woman who sent me the email about her son gave me permission to
publish another email that shows clearly how the over-stretch of the
military in Iraq and multiple tours are affecting her son:

"I have established contact with my son, thank God, and he writes to me
daily about Iraqi atrocities, and how he wants to wax them all. His
morale is low and he has a weak LT who is unable to keep up with the
pace required. I would love to share these emails with you, but I am
afraid. I'm afraid of the implications should this ever get out. I want
to do nothing to endanger my communications with my son. My impression
through my readings and contact with soldiers is that the Iraqis are
generally good people. The American occupation seems to be only making
things that much worse for the average Iraqi. My impression is that Iraq
is a country with no hope. No matter what is done, they will never have
a stable government, no matter what form it might take. From my son, I'm
able to glean the complete CHAOS Ramadi is in. It is hopeless. As a
mother, I want him to do whatever is necessary to come home, and will
not sugar-coat my thoughts: that he should kill everything and come
home. Naturally, not someone who is obviously an innocent civilian, but
how do you tell? How do you know who is innocent and who is a threat?
Therefore, he feels that daisy-cutting the town is the only option. Of
course this will not happen, and he's blowing smoke. However, it is an
indication of how bad things are there ... the struggle between the
Marines and the insurgents is never ending. The type of bomb now
employed by the insurgents (whoever they are) is frightening ... a metal
plate on the ground: when the Marine steps on it, it connects the
circuit and that boy is blown up. My son is running missions thru back
alleys ... and is hauling a machine gun that is destroying his back. He
is a slender young man, and the gear he is carrying is affecting his
health. He can run for miles, but not with a hundred pounds on him.
Already I hear such a hardness in his emails, such low morale, such
hopelessness, and he has only just begun this deployment (hopefully his
last ... his third)."

"America is a great nation, compassionate to many, and is my homeland.
I am sickened at what is happening, and what my son is being made to do
as a Marine. Ultimately we have morphed into an empire. It breaks my
heart that my son may die on foreign soil fighting a useless war that
will only lead to more death and destruction ..."

The longer the occupation of Iraq continues, more death and destruction
are two things all of us can count on. Along with a broken, bleeding
military that is being stretched even further each day, and the anxious
families of those serving, whose nerves and hearts are also being
stretched further each day.

(c)2006 Dahr Jamail.


2) Open Letter to Nancy Pelosi
by Bonnie Weinstein
Pelosi's Letter to Weinstein Regarding H. Res 921
Pelosi's Israel Support Statement


Open Letter to Nancy Pelosi
by Bonnie Weinstein

Who is the terrorist? Who has been responsible for the deaths
of a hundred-fold of those attributed to Hizbollah? Israel--
bought and paid for by the U.S. Of A with your approval
and financing!

In an interview in March 1995 entitled, "Jesse Helms: Setting the
Record Straight" that appeared in the Middle East Quarterly, Helms
said, "I have long believed that if the United States is going to give
money to Israel, it should be paid out of the Department of Defense
budget. My question is this: If Israel did not exist, what would
U.S. defense costs in the Middle East be? Israel is at least the
equivalent of a U.S. aircraft carrier in the Middle East. Without
Israel promoting its and America's common interests, we would
be badly off indeed."
(Jesse Helms was the senior senator from North Carolina and the
chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee at the time.)

How can you condemn Hizbolla and ignore the crimes
of Israel and of your own government--of yourself!

You are guilty of war crimes! You are guilty of mass murder!
What's worse, your proud of it!

Israel as well as your government can preemptively strike,
bomb, invade, build walls, imprison, condemn, starve, torture,
plunder and steal natural and human resources throughout the
world--rake in your bloody profits across the borders and into
your pockets with ease--and enforce this theft with the most
deadly-powerful weapons of mass destruction ever seen before--
weapons neither Hizbollah nor the Iraqi's nor the Afghans nor
the Cubans nor the Venezuelans nor the Palestinians nor the
Vietnamese nor any of the oppressed masses of the world
have any control over what-so-ever, and you know it!

But, the balance of power of the tiny minority of the wealthy
elite over the vast majority of humanity--one-one-hundredth
of one percent of humanity in despotic control over all the rest
--is destined to topple!

The mighty Goliath may be rampaging the world at the moment
but there are billions of David's and Davina's out there waiting
for their moment in history!

Your profound dishonesty makes it impossible to grant you
any kind of respect--human or otherwise. Too much blood
of the innocent is on your hands.

Your bloody fangs are showing and dripping with the blood
of the innocent!


Bonnie Weinstein


Pelosi's Letter to Weinstein Regarding H. Res 921
On 9/27/06 7:27 AM, "Rep. Nancy Pelosi" wrote:

September 27, 2006
Ms. Bonnie Weinstein
San Francisco, California

Dear Ms. Weinstein:

Thank you for contacting me to express your opposition to H. Res 921,
which denounces the actions by Hezbollah that precipitated the recent
fighting in Israel and Lebanon. I appreciate hearing from you.

H Res. 921, introduced by Representatives Tom Lantos (D-CA) and John
Boehner (R-OH), condemns Hezbollah's actions. On July 20, 2006, this
resolution was passed in the House by a vote of 410-8.

I spoke on the House floor and voted in favor of this resolution. Please
find my statement attached.

We cannot allow acts of violence by Hezbollah and other terrorist
entities to dictate the decisions and destinies of democratic nations. We
must fully support nations that seek to defend themselves against acts of
terrorism. In so doing, however, we must endeavor to protect innocent
civilians caught between warring parties. I am hopeful that the cease fire
now in place and the coming deployment of a UN peacekeeping force
and the Lebanese army will enable the people of Israel and the people of
Lebanon to live in peace.

While we may not agree on this issue, I hope you will continue to
communicate with me on matters of concern to you. For more
information on this and other issues affecting our country, I invite you to
visit my website at I hope you will continue
keep in touch with me on matters of concern to you.

Nancy Pelosi
Member of Congress


Pelosi's Israel Support Statement
Pelosi Floor Statement on House Resolution Reaffirming Support for Israel
Monday, July 19, 2006
Contact: Brendan Daly/Jennifer Crider, 202-226-7616

Washington, D.C. – House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi spoke
on the House floor tonight in support of H.Res. 921, condemning
the recent attacks against Israel. Below are Pelosi’s remarks:

"Mr. Lantos, it’s hard to capture the words to express the difficulty
that Israel is facing now for all of us, but for you, it must be
particularly difficult. I know that you are an idealist; I know that
you are a realist. I thank you for your leadership; we could not
be better served than by having you here at this difficult time.
"And at this difficult time for the state of Israel, this resolution
reaffirms our unwavering support and commitment to Israel,
and condemns the attacks by Hezbollah.

"I support this resolution because I believe that the seizure
of Israeli soldiers by Hezbollah terrorists was an unprovoked
attack and Israel has the right, and indeed the obligation,
to respond. Hamas and Hezbollah are committed to the
destruction of Israel, what more do you need to know?
It is clear that Iranian and Syrian aid have helped the effort
to achieve that goal. The United Nations Security Council
has already spoken on the issue of dismantling Hezbollah;
the Security Council’s resolution must be enforced by the
international community. Syria has repeatedly demonstrated
it is a rogue state, which is why we passed Mr. Engel’s Syria
Accountability Act more than two years ago. However, we
must now fully implement all the sanctions spelled out
in that legislation.

"In order to address the Iranian support of terrorists, I urge
the passage of the Iran Freedom Support Act. We must
ensure that Iran and Syria understand the depth of the
commitment of the United States to the state of Israel
by using every diplomatic tool at our disposal.

"For a time in recent years, there was a hope that a corner
had been turned in the Middle East. The Israeli withdrawal
from Lebanon, the emergence of a democratic process
in Lebanon, and the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza were
all hopeful signs that the future could be different from
the past. Those indications of progress, however, were
seen as threats by Hezbollah and Hamas, organizations
that have a greater interest in maintaining a state of hostility
with Israel than in improving the lives of the people they
claim to represent. Now the lives of those people and tens
of thousands of others in the Middle East, including thousands
of American citizens in Israel and Lebanon, have been
put at risk by the aggression of Hamas and Hezbollah.

"As the fighting rages, it is imperative that the combatants
take whatever steps they can to lessen risk to innocent civilians.
The world knows too well the horrors of war. It also knows
that there are ways to offer some degree of protection
to civilians, and it is right to insist that those ways be chosen.
Using civilians as shields by concealing weapons in civilian
areas, as done by Hezbollah, is inconsistent with affording
them protection, and the resolution we are considering properly
condemns that action. Protecting civilians also means getting
our citizens out of harm’s way as quickly as possible. I urge
the Administration to expedite its efforts to bring to safety
those Americans who want to leave Lebanon.

"When the fighting ends, and I hope that it will be soon, the
United States must engage in a concerted, sustained effort
with other nations seeking a just resolution of the differences
between Israel and its neighbors. Israel’s right to exist
is the non-negotiable starting point for that effort.

"I thank again those who were responsible for bringing
the resolution to the floor and again commend Mr. Lantos
for his leadership, compassion, and wisdom."
# # #


3) U.S. Sends Warships to Persian Gulf
Via NY Transfer News Collective
All the News that Doesn't Fit
Radio Havana Cuba

Washington, September 26 (RHC)-- Major media sources are reporting
advance deployments of U.S. warships and weapons toward the Persian
Gulf --pointing to what appears to be preparations for launching a
premptive military strike against the Islamic Republic of Iran.
According to reports from various sources, the Pentagon has moved up
the deployment of a major "strike group" of ships, including the
nuclear aircraft carrier USS Eisenhower as well as a cruiser,
destroyer, frigate, submarine escort and supply ship, to head for the
Persian Gulf, just off Iran's western coast.

This information follows a report in the current issue of Time
magazine, both on-line and in print, that a group of ships capable of
mining harbors has received orders to be ready to sail for the
Persian Gulf by October 1st. As Time writes in its cover story "What
Would War Look Like?" evidence of the forward deployment of
minesweepers and word that the chief of naval operations had asked
for a reworking of old plans for mining Iranian harbors "suggest that
a much discussed -- but until now largely theoretical -- prospect has
become real: that the U.S. may be preparing for war with Iran."

According to Lieut. Mike Kafka, a spokesman at the headquarters of
the Second Fleet, based in Norfolk, Virginia, the Eisenhower Strike
Group, bristling with Tomahawk cruise missiles, has received orders
to depart the United States by this coming weekend. Other official
sources in the public affairs office of the Navy Department at the
Pentagon confirm that this powerful armada is scheduled to arrive off
the coast of Iran on or around October 21st.

According to The Nation, the USS Eisenhower had been in port at the
Naval Station Norfolk for several years for refurbishing and
refueling of its nuclear reactor; it had not been scheduled to depart
for a new duty station until at least a month later, and possibly not
till next spring. Family members, before the orders, had moved into
the area and had until then expected to be with their sailor-spouses
and parents in Virginia for some time yet. First word of the early
dispatch of the "Ike Strike" group to the Persian Gulf region came
from several angry officers on the ships involved, who contacted
anti-war critics like retired Air Force Col. Sam Gardiner and
complained that they were being sent to attack Iran without any order
from the Congress.

Colonel Gardiner, who has taught military strategy at the National
War College, says that the carrier deployment and a scheduled Persian
Gulf arrival date of October 21st is "very important evidence" of war
planning. He told reporters: "I know that some naval forces have
already received 'prepare to deploy orders' [PTDOs], which have set
the date for being ready to go as October 1st. Given that it would
take about from October 2nd to October 21st to get those forces to
the Gulf region, that looks about like the date" of any possible
military action against Iran. (A PTDO means that all crews should be
at their stations, and ships and planes should be ready to go, by a
certain date -- in this case, reportedly, October 1.)

Col. Gardiner notes: "You cannot issue a PTDO and then stay ready for
very long. It's a very significant order, and it's not done as a
training exercise." He noted that this point was also made in the
Time article.

Anti-war critic retired Air Force Col. Sam Gardiner said: "I think
the plan's been picked: bomb the nuclear sites in Iran. It's a
terrible idea, it's against U.S. law and it's against international
law, but I think they've decided to do it." Gardiner says that while
the United States has the capability to hit those sites with its
cruise missiles, "the Iranians have many more options" -- noting that
an attack on Iran could engulf the entire region in flames.

The Nation magazine notes that commentators and analysts across the
political spectrum are focusing on Bush's talk about dialogue, with
many claiming that he is climbing down from confrontation. On the
right, David Frum, writing on September 20th in his National Review
blog, argues that the lack of any attempt to win a UN resolution
supporting military action, and rumors of "hushed back doors" being
opened in Washington, lead him to expect a diplomatic deal, not a
unilateral attack.

But all these war skeptics may be dead wrong. The Nation says that,
after all, it must be recalled that Bush also talked about seeking
diplomatic solutions the whole time he was already planning on
invading Iraq, and the current situation is increasingly looking like
a cheap Hollywood sequel. The United States, according to retired Air
Force Col. Gardiner and others, already reportedly has special forces
operating in Iran, and now major ship movements are looking ominous.

Representative Maurice Hinchey, a leading Democratic critic of the
Iraq War, informed about the Navy PTDOs and about the orders for the
full Eisenhower Strike Group to head out to sea, said: "For some time
there has been speculation that there could be an attack on Iran
prior to November 7, in order to exacerbate the culture of fear that
the Administration has cultivated now for over five or six years. But
if they attack Iran it will be a very bad mistake, for the Middle
East and for the United States."

.NY Transfer News Collective * A Service of Blythe Systems
. Since 1985 - Information for the Rest of Us .
.339 Lafayette St., New York, NY 10012
.List Archives:


4) Rushing Off a Cliff
New York Times Editorial
September 28, 2006

Here’s what happens when this irresponsible Congress railroads
a profoundly important bill to serve the mindless politics of
a midterm election: The Bush administration uses Republicans’
fear of losing their majority to push through ghastly ideas about
antiterrorism that will make American troops less safe and do
lasting damage to our 217-year-old nation of laws — while
actually doing nothing to protect the nation from terrorists.
Democrats betray their principles to avoid last-minute attack
ads. Our democracy is the big loser.

Republicans say Congress must act right now to create procedures
for charging and trying terrorists — because the men accused
of plotting the 9/11 attacks are available for trial. That’s pure
propaganda. Those men could have been tried and convicted
long ago, but President Bush chose not to. He held them in illegal
detention, had them questioned in ways that will make real trials
very hard, and invented a transparently illegal system of kangaroo
courts to convict them.

It was only after the Supreme Court issued the inevitable ruling
striking down Mr. Bush’s shadow penal system that he adopted
his tone of urgency. It serves a cynical goal: Republican strategists
think they can win this fall, not by passing a good law but by
forcing Democrats to vote against a bad one so they could
be made to look soft on terrorism.

Last week, the White House and three Republican senators
announced a terrible deal on this legislation that gave Mr. Bush
most of what he wanted, including a blanket waiver for crimes
Americans may have committed in the service of his antiterrorism
policies. Then Vice President Dick Cheney and his willing lawmakers
rewrote the rest of the measure so that it would give Mr. Bush
the power to jail pretty much anyone he wants for as long as he
wants without charging them, to unilaterally reinterpret the Geneva
Conventions, to authorize what normal people consider torture,
and to deny justice to hundreds of men captured in error.

These are some of the bill’s biggest flaws:

Enemy Combatants: A dangerously broad definition of “illegal
enemy combatant” in the bill could subject legal residents of the
United States, as well as foreign citizens living in their own
countries, to summary arrest and indefinite detention with
no hope of appeal. The president could give the power
to apply this label to anyone he wanted.

The Geneva Conventions: The bill would repudiate a half-century
of international precedent by allowing Mr. Bush to decide
on his own what abusive interrogation methods he considered
permissible. And his decision could stay secret — there’s
no requirement that this list be published.

Habeas Corpus: Detainees in U.S. military prisons would lose
the basic right to challenge their imprisonment. These cases
do not clog the courts, nor coddle terrorists. They simply give
wrongly imprisoned people a chance to prove their innocence.

Judicial Review: The courts would have no power to review any
aspect of this new system, except verdicts by military tribunals.
The bill would limit appeals and bar legal actions based on
the Geneva Conventions, directly or indirectly. All Mr. Bush
would have to do to lock anyone up forever is to declare him
an illegal combatant and not have a trial.

Coerced Evidence: Coerced evidence would be permissible if
a judge considered it reliable — already a contradiction in terms
— and relevant. Coercion is defined in a way that exempts
anything done before the passage of the 2005 Detainee
Treatment Act, and anything else Mr. Bush chooses.

Secret Evidence: American standards of justice prohibit evidence
and testimony that is kept secret from the defendant, whether
the accused is a corporate executive or a mass murderer.
But the bill as redrafted by Mr. Cheney seems to weaken
protections against such evidence.

Offenses: The definition of torture is unacceptably narrow,
a virtual reprise of the deeply cynical memos the administration
produced after 9/11. Rape and sexual assault are defined in
a retrograde way that covers only forced or coerced activity,
and not other forms of nonconsensual sex. The bill would
effectively eliminate the idea of rape as torture.

•There is not enough time to fix these bills, especially since
the few Republicans who call themselves moderates have
been whipped into line, and the Democratic leadership
in the Senate seems to have misplaced its spine. If there
was ever a moment for a filibuster, this was it.

We don’t blame the Democrats for being frightened. The
Republicans have made it clear that they’ll use any opportunity
to brand anyone who votes against this bill as a terrorist
enabler. But Americans of the future won’t remember
he pragmatic arguments for caving in to the administration.

They’ll know that in 2006, Congress passed a tyrannical
law that will be ranked with the low points in American
democracy, our generation’s version of the Alien and Sedition Acts.


5) 2 at Sago Mine on Day of Blast Commit Suicide

MORGANTOWN, W.Va., Sept. 27 (AP) — Two miners whose jobs
included watching for safety hazards inside the Sago Mine before
the deadly explosion last January committed suicide in the past month.

Neither man had been blamed for the disaster that killed
12 of their comrades, and neither one’s family has definitively
linked the suicides to the accident.

Both men were working at the Sago Mine on the day of the blast
and were questioned by investigators along with dozens of other
witnesses. One former co-worker said at least one of the men
felt investigators were treating him as if he had done something

John N. Boni, whose job that day was to maintain water pumps,
shot himself Saturday at his home in Volga, the state police said.

William L. Chisolm, 47, the dispatcher responsible for monitoring
carbon monoxide alarms and communicating with crews
underground that morning, shot himself at his Belington home
on Aug. 29, the authorities said.

State and federal mine-safety agencies have not determined
the cause of the mine blast. But spokeswomen for both agencies
said that both men had been thoroughly interviewed and that
there had been no plans to talk with them again.

International Coal Group, the mine’s owner, has said it believes
a lightning bolt somehow ignited methane gas that had
accumulated naturally in a sealed-off section of the mine.

Mr. Boni was certified as a fire boss and occasionally conducted
preshift inspections to ensure the safety of incoming crews.
Mr. Chisolm told investigators that a carbon monoxide alarm
had sounded about 20 minutes before the explosion. Following
procedure, he alerted a crew inside the mine and asked it
to verify the alarm because the system had a history
of malfunctions.

Relatives told investigators that Mr. Chisolm had been depressed
about personal matters and drinking heavily in the weeks before
his death. Friends and family said Mr. Boni retired shortly after
the accident.

His former wife, Vicki Boni, said he had never discussed the
accident with her, but said, “I’m sure it had weighed on his mind.”

Ms. Boni, who divorced Mr. Boni 15 years ago but saw him
when he picked up their daughter for visits, said her own
father died in a coal mine accident when she was a teenager.
“It’s something you never get over,” she said.


6) Research shows who dies when and where
Our nation divided into 'eight Americas'
By William J. Cromie
Harvard News Office

In the United States, the best-off people, like Asian women
in Bergen County, N.J., have a life expectancy 33 years longer
than the worst-off, Native American males in some South Dakota
counties - 91 versus 58 years. So concludes the most comprehensive
study to date of who dies when and where in this country.

In order to determine how unequal life expectancy is in the
United States, and why, researchers from the Harvard School
of Public Health and Harvard Initiative for Global Health
analyzed census and health statistics data for the years
1982 to 2001. They found what they call "an enormous gap"
in life expectancies based on race, counties of residence,
income, and a few other social factors.

The analysis led the researchers to the idea that there
are "eight different Americas." White middle America and
black middle America are different from each other (whites
live longer than blacks) and from low-income white America,
Southern low-income rural black America, Northern low-
income rural white America, high-risk urban black America,
and Asian America.

An enormous gap in life expectancy divides the United States
into eight different Americas, say Ezzati and Murray. This gap
has persisted for at least 20 years despite efforts to reduce
heath care disparities between different racial, geographic,
and income groups.

"Put in a global context, the disparities in mortality among
the eight Americas are enormous," says Majid Ezzati, an
associate professor of international health at the School
of Public Health. "Our analysis indicates that 10 million
Americans with the best health have achieved one of the
highest levels of life expectancy on record, three years
better than Japan for women, and four years better than
Iceland for men. At the same time, tens of millions
of Americans are experiencing levels of health that are
more typical of people in developing countries."

Christopher Murray, faculty director of the Harvard Initiative
for Global Health, Ezzati, and their colleagues uncovered many
striking differences between people living in the different Americas.
For the best-off versus worst-off males, Asians can expect
to live more than 15 years longer than high-risk urban blacks.
Asian females, in general, outlive poor, urban black males by
more than 20 years and low-income rural Southern black
women by almost 13 years.

The gaps are largest for young (15 to 44 years old) and middle-
aged (45 to 59 years old) adults compared with children and the
elderly. In 2001, 15-year-old blacks in high-risk city areas were
three to four times more likely than Asians to die before age 60,
and four to five times more likely before age 45. In fact, young
black men living in poor, high-crime urban America have death
risks similar to people living in Russia or sub-Saharan Africa.

Diseases, injuries cause gaps

The researchers attribute such gaps to injuries and chronic
diseases, including heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. These
killers, in turn, are a consequence of well-known and largely
controllable risk factors such as smoking, alcohol use, obesity,
high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. In high-risk urban
black communities, male mortality is increased by homicides
and exposure to AIDS.

Despite all the warnings in media and elsewhere, gaps in life
expectancy in the different Americas did not improve between
1982 and 2001. In some groups, death rates even worsened.
For example, life expectancy among low-income white women
in Appalachia and the Mississippi Valley decreased during
those years.

A big effort is being made in the United States to provide
health insurance for the nearly 47 million Americans who
don't have it. Increasing access to coverage is bound to narrow
the gap in life span, but will not come close to eliminating it,
the researchers speculate. "The variation in health plan coverage
across the eight Americas is small relative to the very large
difference in health outcome," notes Murray, who is lead author
of the report. "It is likely that expanding insurance coverage
alone would still leave huge disparities in young and middle-
aged adults."

Ezzati, Murray, and their colleagues recommend such steps
as increased tobacco taxes, stricter enforcement of drinking
and driving laws, and reduction of alcohol-induced violence.
Things like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and even
obesity are not all about individual behavior, they argue.
Removing financial and cultural barriers to lifestyle and
medication that have proven effective for controlling weight,
blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar should help
reduce the large inequities in chronic disease, they believe.

The research team concludes that "because policies aimed
at reducing fundamental socioeconomic inequalities are
currently practically absent in the United States, health
disparities will have to be at least partly addressed through
public health strategies that reduce risk factors for chronic
disease and injuries."

The report is printed in the open access journal and appears
online at the Public Library of Science.

Copyright 2006 by the President and Fellows of Harvard College


7) UN says Gaza crisis 'intolerable'
Standards of human rights in the Palestinian territories have
fallen to intolerable new levels, says a UN expert
on the Mid-East conflict.
September 26, 2006

John Dugard said Israel was largely to blame for turning Gaza
into "a prison" and "throwing away the key".

He also criticised Canada, Europe and the US for cutting funds
to Palestinian Authority, run by the Hamas militant group
which does not recognise Israel.

An Israeli official said the statement was unrealistic
and over-simplified.

Mr Dugard, UN special rapporteur on Palestinian
human rights, said three-quarters of Palestinians
in Gaza now depended on food aid - a result, he added,
of Israeli military raids, blockades and demolitions.

"I hope that my portrayal... will trouble the consciences
of those accustomed to turning a blind eye and a deaf
ear to the suffering of the Palestinian people," Mr Dugard
told the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.


The South African lawyer was appointed in 2001.

["Palestinian people are punished for having democratically
elected a regime unacceptable to Israel, the US and the EU."
John Dugard]

The situation - in the wake of Israel's response to the
capture of a soldier by militants from Gaza during a cross-
border raid - is worse than at any time during my mandate,
Mr Dugard said.

More than 100 civilians have been killed in army raids
and bombardments in the Gaza Strip.

"What Israel chooses to describe as collateral damage
to the civilian population is in fact indiscriminate killing
prohibited by international law," he said.

Mr Dugard also criticised the embargo on funding to the
Palestinian Authority since the victory by Hamas early
this year.

"Israel violates international law as expounded by the Security
Council and the International Court of Justice and goes
unpunished," he said.

"But the Palestinian people are punished for having
democratically elected a regime unacceptable to Israel,
the US and the EU.

"In effect, the Palestinian people have been subjected
to economic sanctions - the first time an occupied people
has been so treated," he said.


Mr Dugard's brief to investigate Israeli human rights
violations against Palestinians has led Israel and its US
ally to condemn his reports as one-sided.

The US ambassador to the UN in Geneva cautioned against
taking Mr Dugard's view out of context and Israeli envoy
Itzhak Levanon dismissed his findings.

"This report is characterised by errors of omission as well
as distortions of both fact and law," Mr Levanon said.

He said it ignored what he called the daily experience
of Israelis facing Palestinian terrorism.

Mr Dugard is a South African national and won his
reputation as a civil rights lawyer during the apartheid
era in the 1980s.

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2006/09/26 18:10:11 GMT



8) Senate, 100-0, Backs Budget for Pentagon
Filed at 5:14 p.m. ET
September 29, 2006

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Senate unanimously approved $70 billion
more for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan Friday as part
of a record Pentagon budget.

The bill, now on its way to the White House for President Bush's
signature, totals $448 billion. It was passed by a 100-0 vote after
minimal debate.

Approval by a comfortable margin came despite intense partisan
divisions over the course of the Iraq war, which is costing about
$8 billion a month. Another infusion of money will be needed
next spring.

At the White House, President Bush said he would sign the bill
and thanked Congress ''for passing legislation that will provide
our men and women in uniform with the necessary resources
to protect our country and win the war on terror.''

''As our troops risk their lives to fight terrorism,'' he said, ''this bill
will ensure they are prepared to defeat today's enemies and address
tomorrows threats. I look forward to signing this bill into law.''

The House-Senate compromise bill provides $378 billion for
core Pentagon programs, about a 5 percent increase, though slightly
less than President Bush asked for. The $70 billion for Iraq and
Afghanistan is a down payment on war costs the White House has
estimated will hit $110 billion for the budget year beginning Oct. 1.

Congress has now approved $507 billion for Iraq, Afghanistan and
heightened security at overseas military bases since the Sept.
11, 2001, attacks, according to the Congressional Research Service.
The war in Iraq has cost $379 billion and the conflict in Afghanistan
now totals $97 billion.

The Iraq war continues to be unpopular with voters, according to
opinion polls, but even Democratic opponents of the war voted for
the Pentagon measure, which provides funding for body armor and
other support for U.S. troops overseas.

''America is in deep trouble in Iraq,'' said Edward Kennedy, D-Mass.
''The continuing violence and death is ominous.... Militias are growing
in strength and continue to operate outside the law. Death squads
are rampant.''

The growing price tag of the Iraq conflict is partly driven by the need
to repair and replace military equipment worn out in harsh, dusty
conditions in Iraq and Afghanistan or destroyed in battle. Almost
$23 billion was approved for Army, Marine Corps and National Guard
equipment such as helicopters, armored Humvees, Bradley armored
fighting vehicles, radios and night-vision equipment.

Lawmakers allotted $1.9 billion for new jammers to counter
improvised explosive devices in Iraq and Afghanistan and $1 billion
is provided for body armor and other personal protective gear.

There is also a stack of pet projects for lawmakers' homes states
and districts, including $372 million obtained for Hawaii, home
of Daniel Inouye, top Democrat on the defense appropriations panel.

''There are 2,000 earmarks in the bill directed by Members of Congress
-- somewhere around $8 billion -- and a large portion of those don't
have anything to do with the mission of the Defense Department,''
said Tom Coburn, R-Okla.

The legislation would be the first of 11 spending bills to clear Congress
for the new budget year. The homeland security bill is the only other
ready to pass before Congress leaves Washington this weekend.
Nine bills funding domestic programs and foreign aid will wait until
a lame duck session. That means delays in funding increases
for veterans health care.

So little progress has been made on other bills that the Pentagon
measure also carries a stopgap funding bill to keep open through
Nov. 17 agencies whose funding bills won't have passed. Only the
homeland security measure is expected to also pass before Congress
leaves Washington to campaign.

The core bill contains $86 billion for personnel costs, enough
to support 482,000 Army soldiers and 175,000 Marines. That would
provide for a 2.2 percent pay increase for the military, as Bush requested
in his February budget.

The bill provides $120 billion for operations and maintenance costs,
just less than the Pentagon request. And $81 billion goes for
procurement of new weapons, with $76 billion dedicated
to research and development costs.

That's still not enough for the White House, which requested
$4 billion more. But House appropriators diverted that money
to ease cuts in domestic programs. Earlier this year, the Senate
passed a version shifting $9 billion to domestic programs but backed
off in the face of a White House veto threat.

On the Net:

Information on the defense bill, H.R. 5631, may be found at


AWOL Iraq veteran Agustin Aguayo speaks out against war,
returns to Army base
Report and photos by Jeff Paterson. September 26, 2006
After escaping a second forced Iraq deployment via a window
in Germany, medic reports to Mojave desert Army base to continue f
ight for conscientious objector discharge...

Oregon: Military Police Officer Charged
The Army brought charges against a military police officer who
refused to return to Iraq after she said her supervisor had coerced
her into a sexual relationship. The police officer, Specialist Suzanne
Swift, 22, based at Fort Lewis, Wash., faces charges of being absent
without leave and missing movement. The latter means she was not
with her company when it left in January for a four-month tour
of duty in Iraq, said a Fort Lewis spokeswoman, Sgt. Maj. Yolanda
Choates. Specialist Swift could face a reprimand, a more serious
nonjudicial punishment or a court-martial, Sergeant Choates
said. Specialist Swift, who served in Iraq from February 2004
to February 2005, said she had been harassed or abused
by three officers, two in Iraq and one at Fort Lewis.
September 28, 2006

Where Are the Mass Protests?
The Antiwar Struggle, UFPJ and the Democrats
September 27, 2006

In Lebanon, a War's Lethal Harvest
Threat of Unexploded Bombs Paralyzes the South
By Anthony Shadid
Washington Post Foreign Service
Tuesday, September 26, 2006; Page A01

Bush Facing Growing Revolt among Top Military Commanders

Global Temperature Highest in Millennia

Supporters of ACLU Call for the Ouster of Its Leaders

Bolivian Leaders Find Their Promises Are Hard to Keep
September 26, 2006

The Importance of Civil Disobedience
From the "looting" that occurred as people scavenged for food,
water and medicines, in the days following Katrina, to the refusal
of thousands to leave,
despite a mandatory evacuation order by gun point, civil
disobedience has taken its place as a survival tool in post-
Katrina New Orleans.
By Elizabeth Cook
Source: Austin Independent Media Center

Center of E. Coli Outbreak, Center of Anxiety
September 25, 2006

Panel Urges Basic Coverage on Health Care
September 26, 2006

The Choice: A Longer Life or More Stuff
September 27, 2006

Justices to Hear Case on Use of Union Fees
September 27, 2006

Health Care Costs Rise Twice as Much as Inflation
“The cost of living keeps going up, but the cost of healthy
living is going up even faster.”
September 27, 2006

House Passes Abortion Bill on Minors
WASHINGTON, Sept. 26 (AP) — Accompanying a minor across
a state line to obtain an abortion and avoid parental notification
in the girl’s home state would become a federal crime under
a bill the House passed Tuesday on a vote of 264 to 153.
September 27, 2006

Senators Criticize Border Security Measures
The Republican architects of the Senate immigration bill criticized
the border security measures under consideration in Congress
as piecemeal and inadequate. Senators John McCain of Arizona,
Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania and Lindsey Graham of South
Carolina said they supported border security, including a measure
to add fencing to the border with Mexico. But they said that such
measures alone would fail to deal with the illegal residence in this
country of about 11 million immigrants as well as labor shortages
in particular industries. The senators called for an approach similar
to the Senate bill, which would tighten border security, toughen
penalties for employers who hire illegal immigrants, put most
illegal immigrants on a path to citizenship and create a guest-
worker plan to address labor shortages. They acknowledged
that passage of such legislation was unlikely before the elections.
September 27, 2006

California: Teenager Gets Life in Murder
A teenager convicted of murdering the wife of a prominent
defense lawyer was sentenced to life in prison without the
possibility of parole. The teenager, Scott Dyleski, was 16 when
he bludgeoned and stabbed his neighbor, Pamela Vitale, 45,
in October 2005. He was convicted last month of first-degree
murder. He avoided the death penalty because of his age.
Ms. Vitale was married to Daniel Horowitz.
September 27, 2006

California: Official Admits Execution Was Bungled
A state official admitted that prison guards had bungled the
execution of the gang leader Stanley Tookie Williams last
December, but denied that it constituted cruel and unusual
punishment. The official, Dane Gillette, senior assistant
attorney general, spoke at a federal court hearing in San Jose
on lethal injection. He said officials had failed to connect
a backup intravenous line to Mr. Williams’s left arm. Guards
typically attach two lines to condemned inmates to assure
the continuous flow of chemicals. “Williams was a lesson
well learned that will not happen again,” Mr. Gillette said.
September 27, 2006

U.S. Pushes Anti-Castro TV, but Is Anyone Watching?
September 27, 2006

G.M. Holds Talks With 2 Automakers
September 27, 2006

Monday Night Football at the Superdome
New Orleans is Back ... Without Blacks
September 26, 2006

Exclusive: AWOL Iraq Veteran Turns Himself In Instead
of Returning to Iraq
http://www.democrac sid=06/09/ 26/1415257

A Broken, De-Humanized Military in Iraq
By Dahr Jamail
http://www.truthout .org/docs_ 2006/092606A. shtml

Battle for Bayview
Redevelopment referendum tossed — so now what?

Army Warns Rumsfeld It's Billions Short

Study of Iraq War and Terror Stirs Strong Political Response

Halliburton Employees, Subcontractors Allege More Abuses

A Detainee's Story: The Man Who Has Been to America